What Volunteers Mean to Us!

CASA staff expresses their appreciation for our volunteers:

Ann Anderson:

For more than 40 years, CASA volunteers have been the heartbeat of our agency by delivering the services our aging and homebound neighbors need to remain in their homes.  Our faithful volunteers are “Changing Lives, One Home at a Time.”

Marcia Bouffard:

CASA volunteers have big hearts and are giving of their time to help others in need.  Working with volunteers is the best part of my job.  CASA is blessed to have so many dedicated people to help move our mission forward.

Luanne Biles:

You are special to us and to our clients.  Thank you for caring for our seniors!

Jessica Bumbalough:

Our volunteers are the best all around!  The work they do is not glamorous and it can be very labor intensive; even still, many of our volunteers keep coming back.  Our volunteers are the reason why we have been able to remain in this community for 40 years of service. 

Lauren Carter:

Many times I feel I am bombarding volunteers with emails requesting help, especially for Transportation services.  Words can’t express how grateful I am when a volunteer calls, coming to the rescue.  Just when I think I am going to have to make the dreaded call canceling on our client, a volunteer saves the day and allows me to make a happy phone call to an eagerly waiting senior client. 

Sarita Chaloupka:

I ADORE our volunteers!  Without them, we can’t reach as many clients.  When making follow up calls I get to hear directly from the clients and the family members how appreciative they are with the volunteers’ hard work, taking time and patience to povide them with something that can better their lives.  I’ve heard many a time from clients that they consider our volunteers to be “blessings”.  THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS!!

Johnie Keeter:

Having been a community and a CASA volunteer for the past 13+ years, I know first hand the importance of volunteering.  CASA volunteers are an important part of the successful mission of this organization.  As a staff, we appreciate them daily and continue to support and encourage them.  So, for a rewarding and enjoyable life experience, come join the volunteer world!

Anna Rodes:

We have many volunteers who go above and beyond but one volunteer has really stood out to me this year in how he is making our mission possible for many of our clients.  This volunteer always makes himself available and even calls or emails us to see if we need help, especially with delivering or picking up any durable medical equipment or items from our clients.  He helps CASA in so many ways including the garden and transportation!

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