Volunteer Perspective: Mary M.

Mary is one of our friendly visitor volunteers and typically spends around 40 hours each month with CASA client, Ms. Jan. Mary recently shared her thoughts on volunteering with CASA and the friendly visiting program.

“CASA stands out in how it accomplishes its mission through minimal, dedicated staff and such wonderful volunteers. I always tend to give a volunteer placement my own special touch as I am sure so many of your volunteers do… I want to give my time through an organization that has integrity and values its volunteers, which is why I chose CASA. My favorite statement from one of my Red Cross volunteers was, and I quote,”Mary, if you had to pay me, you couldn’t afford me.” So very true! We are short-changing volunteers when we put some standard, monetary amount on the hours they serve. The skills, talents and dedication they bring are priceless!

Mary points out, as many of our volunteers tell us, she gets as much out of her volunteering as the client she is “helping”. As a friendly visiting volunteer, Mary is only asked to visit and chat with the client, but as with many of our friendly visiting volunteers, she goes above and beyond as the relationship grows over time.
“Jan provides me moral support, so I want her to be recognized for that. … Jan treated me for my birthday. She made me an Easter Basket with candy and a duck which she went to great lengths to find. … At this point in my life, all of these little things are what is important to me besides being able to spend more time with my family.

Thanks for the work you do. I know that as a non-profit, you are about the mission and the impact on the community. Great job!”

We appreciate Mary and all of our volunteers. She represents so many of our volunteers who go above and beyond to help our aging and homebound neighbors in our community. If you are looking for a way to get involved give us a call in the CASA office, 256-533-7775.

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