Volunteer Appreciation Night

CASA events brew excitement and anticipation for CASA’s future.

We always aspire to make our volunteers feel appreciated, celebrated and thankful to be a part of CASA. We have a very dedicated group of volunteers at CASA and putting on this lovely event at The Camp was the least we could do to express our gratitude to them!

The evening was filled with warm smiles, bubbly personalities and of course – all of the wonderful, unique CASA Volunteer stories.

For several years we have been unable to provide an appreciation event, but this year we made every effort to make a special day for our volunteers. The event was highlighted by a fun scavenger hunt, fresh food trucks and scintillating live music. The volunteers got to hang out and the CASA staff got a chance to catch up with the people who make our jobs easier each and every day.

The Ramp Champs enjoying The Camp!

Pete Luther and Clif Broderick have been priceless volunteers for CASA. Their hard work and dedication to CASA stretches back to 2007 and 1998 respectively. They both reflected on how far CASA has come from then until now.

“ We used to not even have a warehouse. So we couldn’t prefab any of our ramps, we had to design it, built it and get it done all in one day which was very tough.”

“Now we have a warehouse and a Rotary club with 12-20 members at any given time. This allows us to share the workload and do the designing portion of the ramp.”
– Clif Broderick.

During the event we were able to catch up with Luanne regarding her time with CASA. She said the most promising component of her duty to CASA is the fact that she can provide help to those senior, homebound individuals in dire need.

“Helping homebound seniors is the most rewarding thing I have been a part of. Whether I am able to provide a big or small hand – it is still a helping hand for those in need.”

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