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Meet Our Summer Dietetic Intern: Rosee Thompson, Delta State University

Over the summer we were fortunate to welcome a dietetic intern from Delta State University, Rosee Thompson. She contacted us about an opportunity to work in the CASA Vegetable Garden for her community outreach requirements, but it turned out to be so much more.

We were able to connect Rosee with our Safety Net team to develop nutritional education material that can benefit our clients and their families in multiple medias. She provided healthy recipes that are being included in the isolation kit deliveries. She developed infographics that our Safety Net team is using on home visits to educate clients and families about better eating habits. Rosee also produced 4 wonderful cooking videos that can be found on CASA’s YouTube page. On top of all the educational material, she also worked several hours in the CASA vegetable garden to harvest and prepare vegetable deliveries for the clients each week.

The importance of food in the lives of our aging and homebound neighbors can determine quality and longevity of life in many instances. Oftentimes clients are diagnosed with a new chronic illness and sent home with an overwhelming amount of new medications or instructions on making lifestyle changes, like food habits, without any time to digest the new information. Dietitians can be vital in making those changes and improvements occur long after the initial diagnosis. Rosee had the opportunity to discuss with some of our clients the barriers that they face due to their dietary restrictions. In spite of COVID-19, she was able to provide helpful tips and insight into other ways to incorporate nutritional changes to benefit the client’s health. This was a great collaboration that benefited our intern, as well as our clients.

Watch Rosee’s Cooking With CASA Episodes
Check out the easy to follow tips in the infographics below that Rosee put together to help our clients who are looking to manage their illnesses with proper nutrition and exercise.

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