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Oakwood University Nursing Students Experience the Real World of Aging

Before the pandemic, our Safety Net staff was collaborating with Oakwood University Nursing students during their clinicals.
Even though their time was cut short during their Spring semester, many of the students learned so much from the time spent with CASA Clients.
When asked what the highlight of their experience was, responses included:

“I appreciated that my client was so welcoming and open to talk to me.  I also am surprised and thankful that I was able to form a bond with my client in such a short amount of time.”


“The highlight of my experience was getting to bring my client household products.  Seeing her face light up because she isn’t capable of getting the items herself, made my day.” Alexis Jackson, Oakwood University

“The highlight of this experience was entering the homes of strangers that were so open and welcoming to a student nurse.  Oftentimes it’s hard to feel validated because we don’t have all the credentials yet, but I’m happy to know we were welcomed here at CASA and in their clients’ homes.”

When asked what was the one thing you learned about and from your client, responses included:

“How much financial issues can effect your diet and eating choices.  How hard it can be at times for her to refill her prescription medications due to low finances.”

“I learned how easily older adults are taken advantage of.  It’s sad that some people can do this to someone.”

“I realized how lonely many elderly people are.  Not everyone has a great support system, even those with big families and raised many children.  In my experience, my grandparents are very loved and visited by our entire family multiple times a week and it is sad to the see the opposite of that.” – Ariane Lamb, Oakwood University

The partnerships we have with our local universities leaves a lasting impression for our future healthcare professionals.

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