Program Spotlight: TEMP$ Weatherization

Taking Energy Measures Personally = $avings (TEMP$) started in 1983 with a single TVA grant. Since then, CASA of Madison County has maintained and improved this program over the past 35 plus years. This program provides small fixes to homes that help keep the homes warmer during the winter.

The jobs include installing plastic over windows, weather stripping around the doors, or stopping drafts with caulk. The work is done by hundreds of volunteers on a single day on the first Saturday in November every year. However, the work begins as early as July contacting clients to make sure they are interested in receiving the service. Assessors are sent out in August, then in September assessments are turned in to begin tracking the tasks that are needed for each house. Team leaders gather in October for a training led by Greg Lawson, long time CASA Volunteer, and houses are then selected.

In the past as many as 150 homes were requiring assistance, but over the past few years that number has been reduced thanks to partnerships like Nexus Energy Center’s Comfort Project. The majority of our volunteers for this program have come from our local churches and corporate groups, but lately we have had families, school groups, and even partner agencies working with us to help our neighbors reduce their utilities and be more comfortable in the winter months.

Additional partnerships have benefited our clients including an individual donor who provides energy efficient light-bulbs and American Red Cross for their 10 year smoke detectors installed by our volunteers.

Through the efforts of our volunteers and partners we are better able to meet the needs of our individuals 60 years old and older living in Madison County seeking a way to keep their homes warmer and reduce their utility bills. This is a great opportunity for local civic groups and churches to serve their local community and put caring into action for those who have cared for us, our older generations. Thank you to the numerous volunteers who have spent many hours investing their time and energy into TEMP$ over the years.

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