One Call

All it takes: One Call

The call came late in the day, and on the other end was a woman looking for help. Her HVAC unit was not working, she and her husband had been trying to make it, but both were really struggling as the temperatures in their trailer were reaching 90 degrees. This type of phone call is not unusual, especially during the hottest parts of the summer; however, the call began to take a different turn as our staff member went through a series of questions to assess the couple’s situation.

Recently they had moved to be closer to relatives. Once they arrived, the help that was offered was not as available as they were led to believe. The husband is wheelchair bound and can only access the kitchen and living room areas of the home, due to the narrow door-frames his wheelchair cannot fit through the door. Realizing that there may be more help needed than was initially requested the staff member asked, “How does your husband get in and out of the home?” Her answer, “he only gets out when he absolutely has to, but when he does he has to sit down and scoot down the stairs.” She said it is particularly difficult when it rains. Upon hearing this, the staff member began collecting all of the necessary information to add them as a CASA client and to get a better picture of their circumstances.

The initial request of a window a/c was put into action. Volunteers were contacted to deliver and install the unit as quickly as possible. Thanks to donors and volunteers this need was met, and before the next big heat wave hit. CASA has already put into motion the process of determining how best we can provide services to this couple to help them age in place. This is just one example, of many, demonstrating CASA’s efficient system in providing services when needed and making sure the correct services are provided. What seemed at first to be a routine call, turned into a phone call of outreach and support for this aging couple new to our community.

Calls like this can happen every day and CASA of Madison County needs to be ready. By giving your time and donations you make it possible for us to take action to meet the need. Consider how you can be a part of the action keeping our seniors and homebound neighbors in their homes, aging in place.

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