Looking Ahead to 2021

“One lesson I will take with me into 2021 is to not take anything we do, no matter how big or how small, for granted.” – Stephanie Hendon, CASA Board Member

“What I will take into 2021 is a continued faith in our country, overcoming obstacles, and focusing on our most venerable in need.” – Jeff Irby, CASA Board Member

Quote:  Poem from Leaves of Gold

“God Keeps The Aged. . . with hearts of gold and silver-tinted hair and earnestness, and greater faith in prayer he calms their fears, then worries disappear, because they know His hope is always near.”

“A lesson from 2020 that I will be taking with me into 2021 is to slow down and appreciate time spent with friends and family when possible, make every day count!” – Clayton Newkirk, CASA Board Member

“In 2021, my hope is for CASA employees and clients to continue remaining safe and healthy, and that the organization can continue to have the funding and volunteers for the services needed by our growing number of clients.” – Marcie Lewis, CASA Board Member and Treasurer

What I would like to see in 2021 is the “submission and approval for CASA’s accreditation”, “being able to restore the full complement of services to CASA’s clients”, and see my fellow “board members engaged for a much more successful organization.” – Al Turner, CASA Board Member and Volunteer

“It was so rewarding to hear in the voices and see in eyes the relief and gratefulness for the holiday bags that I delivered. More than one expressed concern that 2020 would be a lean year at CASA, too, so they would not get their requests for the most meager requests. Beautiful people in our community appreciate the wonderful efforts of CASA. I want to be a bigger part of those efforts involving client interface in 2021.”
– Paula Cushman, CASA Board Member

“I really appreciate the CASA staff and the mission of CASA. All I know is that COVID did not stop the aging process, we are still needed to meet the needs of our community.” – Scott Stevens, CASA Volunteer

“In 2021, I am striving to be hopeful with a renewed feeling of optimism each day. My focus will be on practicing gratitude, seeking opportunities to do good deeds, and showing compassion.”
– Ann Anderson, CASA Executive Director

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