Letters Bringing Joy and Comfort

Spreading Cheer with
Comfort Letters

Many of CASA’s services have kept going, but other services have had to be modified during the pandemic or halted altogether. To keep loneliness at a minimum for our clients we have had volunteers writing letters to clients who live alone. We currently have almost 40 clients receiving notes, cards, or letters since April. We are still fine-tuning this service with the help of our volunteers’ feedback.

We have had several clients write back to their volunteers, letting them know how much they appreciate the kind words. We have had phone calls from clients expressing their surprise that someone cared enough to sit down and write to them. It made them feel special and, most importantly, not so isolated.

One volunteer offered to write to some of our clients who speak Spanish. When our clients received these letters written in their native language it really took them by surprise. The letters really touched them and made them feel special. They have been comforted more than we could have ever imagined.

The volunteers have been very diligent in sending these over the last several months, even if they are not getting responses. We are fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers who brighten the lives of our clients in so many ways. We especially thank our Comfort Letter volunteers who press on and are helping us pave the way for this program.

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