Considering a Move?

What to Consider, when considering a move…

As families realize that their family members may need more help, they begin to consider moving them closer.  At CASA we support the idea of families taking care of their aging and homebound family members, and think that it is a great idea to make sure your family members who need that extra help are in a better place to get that help.  We also want to help in making sure that the move is a success in providing an improved quality of life once they are settled into their new homes. So we have come up with just a few things we think are important when considering a move for your aging or homebound family member.

#1 Location, Location, Location

  • Do you or your loved one drive on their own?
  • How often can you or a family member commit to being available for potentially multiple doctor’s appointments each month?
  • What services exist in or around the potential area you are looking at moving?
  • What is the neighborhood like at night?

Consider: Transportation is limited in some areas of Madison County, so if transportation may become an issue or is a current issue, location of residency is very important.  The transportation that is available has different stipulations and varying costs.  It is best if you know this will be a concern to check out the available public sources for transportation in the potential areas you or your loved one might be moving.  Consider the availability a key factor in selecting your next move.


#2 The Age of the New Home

  • How will you handle the first major repair needed on your home?
  • What if you are unable to care for the lawn work required?
  • What does the utility bill usually run each month?
  • Does the home have potential problems, like aging plumbing or drafty windows?

Consider: Home ownership can be more expensive than just the house payments alone.  When considering the home you will move into, keep in mind the age of the home, the appliances, and fixtures.  The financial strain of major repairs can cause stress and leave our loved ones in a home that is sometimes unsafe or uncomfortable.  There is not an organization in Madison County that can provide every repair needed for a home at no cost.  Most repairs will require some out of pocket expense.  So if this might be an issue for you or your loved one, owning at this stage might not be best for your situation.


#3 Scope It Out Yourself: Who knows you better than you?!

  • Who can you trust to take any and all special needs into consideration when selecting your next home.
  • Do you have knee issues, back issues, or unsteady balance?
  • Do you plan on aging at home in this next home?
  • How big is the yard of the new home you are considering?

Consider: As we age many aspects of our home can become a barrier to living our best lives.  Bathrooms may require extra safety features like grab bars.  Multi-levels in the home can become isolating if stairs become an issue.  Checking out the home yourself can allow you to see for yourselves the challenges you might face before you sign on the dotted line and it is too late.


#4 The Doctor’s In…Or Not

  • Do you or your loved one need access to specialists for any existing medical conditions?
  • Have you checked on the availability of medical practices in the area that accept your medical insurance?
  • Can your prescriptions be transferred in a timely manner so there is no interruption of treatment?

Consider: Not all medical practices accept all insurances and not all medical practices are accepting new patients, even if they accept your specific insurance.  Planning ahead and doing research on this can prevent very stressful situations.  Not having access to medical care can greatly affect those with special medical conditions, and having a plan in place can eliminate any discontinuance of care.

For help finding social services anywhere call 2-1-1!

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