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Our staff was asked to share their stories about why they feel a connection to CASA:

I choose to support CASA because of the difference we make in the lives of our clients who need our care and support. Most of us hope to retire and live comfortably surrounded by family and friends, traveling and enjoying our hobbies. This isn’t reality for the average CASA client. They often do not have the financial means or emotional support for the care they need, not to mention basic necessities. I get to be a part of helping them have access to medical care by connecting them with a dedicated CASA volunteer. I get to see first hand the services CASA provides that help them retain independence and dignity during their twilight years. I get to hear how appreciative the CASA clients are after receiving the needed services. It is a blessing!

Lauren, Services Coordinator (Transportation, Deliveries, TEMP$, Visiting)
Sarita, Health Services Care Coordinator

I am a social worker and a lifetime volunteer so I’ve pretty much devoted my life in service to others. I love old people. They are cautious, cranky, honest, adorable, friendly, in pain, and have the sweetest smiles.

I choose to work with the aging population because I never met my grandfathers, and my grandmothers live in a different country. In a way to honor my family, I work with my “adopted” grandmothers and grandfathers through CASA. I ask them for their stories because they are our city’s living history. I learn the most about people and the world through their experiences. And hope that I can pass on their legacies to others. Through their words, I feel how much they’ve been hurt by others and hope I can offer them some comfort. I want them to know that they are not invisible, that I can hear their pain and though I may have limited means to help them, I hope I can put them in touch with someone who can.

I hope that my personality and my gift of laughter can bring them even one moment of joy. I hope I can show them that they can still rely on the kindness of strangers. And that these strangers, volunteers through CASA, have big hearts, and are waiting to encompass them with love through their gifts of service.

I was first introduced to CASA as a UAH nursing student. Previously, I have worked at the hospital and in hospice care taking care of the patient’s health, but never had the time to get to know the people, to learn how they lived and what other issues they may face once they got home from the hospital. Now, I’m able to call them and check on them on a regular basis.

I love meeting them and being able to provide information that they weren’t aware of that can benefit them with current or future needs. I also enjoy teaching them about their medications and making them aware of potential side effects, empowering them to talk with their doctor. It is very interesting for me to know where they come from, family history, etc. I get to go all over Madison County and meet all kinds of people from young to old.

Since my parents live out-of-state, I’m not there to help them, so this makes me feel like I’m making a difference! I’m so grateful to our volunteers who help our clients with our services because without them we couldn’t do it.

Anna, Safety Net Health Services Care Manager

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