Better Together: UAB and CASA of Madison County

Health Education for CASA Clients

UAB and CASA have partnered since 2014 providing internships for their Master in Dietetics students. The interns, under the supervision of our Social Worker and Registered Nurse, are paired with clients diagnosed with chronic illnesses, such as, diabetes, hypertension, and other health related illnesses that would be better managed through dietary modifications. The intern also provides a healthy cooking class to our clients residing in one of Madison County’s senior high rises. The student is responsible for the menu and the cooking demonstration.

UAB Dietetic interns get to experience first hand what limitations many in the aging population are facing and provide solutions to better implement their necessary changes in diet.

This semester we have Andrea with us and she recently met with her client, Ms. W. The client was recently diagnosed with diabetes after a scary blood sugar incident. After the scare she was overwhelmed with all of the new information and changes needed, but she was determined to make them.

When asked about her expectations for this experience Andrea said she expected to be met with skepticism and made a plan to just stick with the basics. But after her first meeting with the client she quickly realized how receptive the client was to learning and understanding.

In the end, Andrea felt the outcome of her visits were promising. The home visit experience was unique and allowed her to better cater information that best fit the needs of the client. Ms. W. was also provided access to additional resources to help her maintain her progress towards managing her diabetes and hypertension.

Check out the recipes Andrea shared during her time with CASA and our clients by clicking the buttons below.


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