2021 COVID Update

After a year of working through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to see signs of recovery and hope that we can safely return to some normalcy. Over the last year, CASA has made every effort to maintain our services and protect the health of our clients, volunteers, and staff. While the news surrounding the pandemic seems to be improving, CASA of Madison County wants to remain cautious in our interactions between clients and volunteers. We have not resumed our in-person services at this time and do not currently have a timeline for when that might occur.

We are reviewing options for best practices that will allow us to resume these vital services to our aging and homebound neighbors. Facial masks will continue to be a requirement to volunteer with CASA for the foreseeable future. We will continue to observe the social distancing guidelines as well. As the discussion of returning to in-person services continues, the decision will primarily be based on vaccination rate, local hospitalization rates, the number of new local COVID cases, and recommendations from local health officials. However, we would like to hear from our volunteers on this matter as well.

As a CASA volunteer, we would like to know if you would be comfortable resuming the in-person volunteer services. If you are concerned, are there measures CASA could put in place to make you feel more comfortable? Would you expect CASA to require proof of a COVID vaccination from clients and volunteers? Your feedback is important to us. Please consider connecting with your service coordinator by calling our offices at 256-533-7775 or send an email directly to your service coordinator (Lauren at lauren@casamadisoncty.org or CJ at servicescoordinator@casamadisoncty.org). We would appreciate your feedback before June 2021 to help us evaluate the return of these vital services.

For the time being, CASA continues to deliver our mission in the best possible way in our current circumstances. We can do so because of you, our dedicated volunteers, and donors, supporting our efforts. We hear from our clients daily about how much they appreciate you. They are grateful for the way you care about them and are willing to help them in their time of need.

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